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Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

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Mission Statement

To provide programs and services that enrich the Sacramento State experience and support the evolving needs of the University community.

Vision Statement

To be an outstanding provider of resources and services that enhances student success.

Operating Values

UEI’s organizational philosophy reflects an ongoing commitment to our customers and to enriching campus life at Sacramento State. In order to support our students, our employees and our workplace culture, we stand for the following Values:

We are responsive to customer needs and pursue the highest level of customer satisfaction by delivering services promptly and with attention to detail.

We conduct ourselves and our business activities ethically—with openness, honesty and respect for our customers, clients, colleagues, co-workers and the public.

We attract and retain a talented, dedicated, and diverse team of employees by fostering an inclusive, positive and productive workplace that encourages professional development and open communication.

We pursue financial stability and act as a responsible steward of resources in support of the University and its students.

We provide high quality products and services and seek continuous improvement.

We meet our evolving needs and those of the University community by promoting an innovative and entrepreneurial approach.

We pursue environmentally-friendly practices and promote sustainable initiatives and actions campus-wide.

Strategic Goals

The following five Goals establish clear priorities for investing our resources and energy to effectively advance the interests of Sacramento State and its students. Each Goal is linked to several Indicators of Achievement, which provide measurable outcomes for evaluating the success of our efforts. The Strategies support the Indicators and provide guidance for accomplishing each Goal.

Goal 1: Support student success through quality programs and services.

Goal 2: Make all UEI services a point of pride for the campus.

Goal 3: Provide a cohesive and positive workplace where each employee’s impact is valued and appreciated.

Goal 4: Maintain and enhance financial vitality to support the University and its students.

Goal 5: Communicate UEI’s support of Sacramento State.