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Employee Online

paystubs and W-2’s prior to 7/1/2021 are available and accessible through any Internet-capable device.


2021 W-2 Forms

W-2-s for 2021 were mailed out 1/31/22 to an employee’s current address on file by unless a consent to receive an electronic copy is completed.

Instructions on how to sign up for an electronic copy only of your W2, can be located here:

Be sure to check your mailing address and SSN for accuracy in UEIWorkforce. For instructions on how to update your mailing address or SSN, please visit:


Pay stubs and W-2’s issued after 7/1/2021 can be found on . Please log into and select ‘My Pay’ to view this information.


Electronic W-2 Forms

In an effort to protect employee privacy and enhance UEI’s commitment to sustainability, we are asking both current and former employees to opt-out of receiving a paper copy of their W-2 Form. By choosing an electronic copy only you will:

  • Receive your form sooner
  • Prevent your form from being lost or stolen
  • Prevent identity theft
  • Support sustainability


Tax Information

The following payroll tax information will apply to all 2022 earnings:

State Disability Insurance (SDI)
Tax Rate: 1.1%
Maximum Taxable Wage: $145,600
Maximum Withholding: $1,601.60

FICA (Social Security)
Tax Rate: 6.20%
Maximum Taxable Wage: $147,000
Maximum Withholding: $9,114

MEDI (Medicare)
Tax Rate: 1.45%
Maximum Taxable Wage: no limit
Maximum Withholding: no limit

Federal and State Withholding

You should check your year-to-date Federal and State withholding on your check stub.  Any adjustments to your withholding can be updated in .